Not ranked where you think you should be?

If you’re like me, you’re in new territory at your Men’s League match… like a lot lower on the totem pole than you’ve ever been.  Know that our recruitment team has been attracting more and more great players from the area to join our garage and it’s paying dividends by raising an already high bar for platform tennis.

Feeling blue?  Tempted to cheat your scores? Wondering how can you possibly improve your position?

Here’s your winning recipe… (see below)

Another great single point in the a Men’s League match this past Thursday night between Eric Arvold & Erik Zipp vs. Drew Lied & Jason Wier.

Get in more matches and get to winning.  Chances are you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  The system is simple enough… get ranked by the “ranking cabal” (of course, they hate you and ranked you at least three spots… no, make that five spots worse than you really are) and you always get “crappy” matches.  Thing is, if you are actually misranked, then you — as the A-player you are — should crush your opponents, no matter your partner.

Ahh, but there’s the “my partner sucks” alibi. That may be true from time-to-time, but again, if you’re any good, you should be able to take over a match (just a bit) and find a way to eke out a victory. Consider all of these trials a necessary evils on your road to a better ranking.

Eventually, you rise to the level of matches you had hoped to be in from the start… or you fall to a place where you actually can take over a match.  All good lessons to be learned.

Word to the wise… don’t skip your “lower level” matches, if you’re right, then you’ll get 100+ points for your win and your ranking will rise.  Or are you just a big talker and it’s easier to complain than to actually show up?

Be a great partner in your next Men’s league match.

Here’s to showing up, participating, and having fun!

Men’s League Top 20 Rankings

(as of 11/29/22)