In the category of better late than never… here is a response to your question regarding the points system.  I am all for anything we can do to demystify the rankings.

How does the ladder / ranking system work?

  • At the start of the year, each rank is separated by 125 points
  • If you win, you gain points.  If you lose, you lose points.
  • You will gain more points for winning tough matches or by winning convincingly.  
  • From there, it is simple math.. if you win more than you lose your ranking will improve.
  • You can check the rankings tab for the most current ranking and total points.
Things to consider when you think your rank isnt changing enough
  • How are the guys around you doing?  If you won two matches in a row, it’s possible the two guys ahead of you also happened to win two in a row.  
  • New guys are added and drop throughout the year.   If we add 2 new top 15 players in January… everyone behind them is effectively going to “lose” two spots.
  • What is your record?  Chances are if you are around .500 you haven’t moved substantially.  Over time, if you win more than you lose, your ranking is going to improve.

How are points calculated?

Whoever wins the match will get points based on the following formula:

1. Did you win or lose?  +/- 100
2. +/- 8 points for each game you won or lost by if you total up all the games in the match

3. +/- 6 points for strength of match:  total up rankings of partners and compare to other team.

Since that may be confusing, here are a couple examples of how that works:

Let’s pretend the matchup is Team 1: Ranking 2 and 8 playing against Team 2: Ranking 4 and 6.

Team 1 wins 6 – 4, 6 – 2. Team 1 would win 148 points.


100 points for the victory. Added to that would be 48 points since Team 1 won 6 games more than Team 2 (8 pts x 6 games).  Its an even match (2+8=10 against 4+6=10) so there are no strength points awarded.

Now let’s pretend the matchup is Team 1: Ranking 2 and 18 playing against Team 2: Ranking 4 and 6.  Team one is overmatched in terms of ranking.

As expected, Team 2 wins convincingly 6 – 1, 6 – 2. Team 2 would win 112 points. 

100 points for the victory. Added to that would be 72 points since Team 2 won 9 games more than Team 2 (8 pts x 9 games).  This time 60 strength points are taken away from the winning team since they were expected to win in this mismatch (2+18 = 20 against 4+6 = 10 …. resulting in a difference of 10 x 6 pts = 60)


Had the underdogs won this match 6-1, 6-2, they would have received 232 points.  100 for the win, 72 for how much they won by, and 60 for the strength difference. 

_ _ _ _ _ 

This shows you… don’t be a wuss and find a sub when you think you have a tough matchup!  The system adjusts for that consideration… and if you win you can gain lots of points.


— Brad