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About the Cedar Club

viking-paddlesThe Cedar Club is a platform or “paddle” tennis club located at 7218 Pioneer Road (Highway C) just east of Wauwatosa Road.   Our club got its start in 2002 because of our passion to keep this wonderful, yet relatively unknown sport alive in our area.

We believe paddle tennis is one of the best-kept secrets in outdoor recreation.  It is a sport that is easy to learn, especially for current or former tennis or racquetball players, and is suitable for women, men and kids of all ages and abilities.  It is the ideal fall and winter sport, as the court is designed to be skid resistant, with heating systems below the court to melt snow.

Each year the number of converts to platform tennis grows.  Last year we had over 80 members and many more playing informally.  We have men’s and women’s leagues, and open court time is free on weekdays and weekends.  The courts are lighted and heated, allowing evening play and play during snowy weather.

foundersA little history… When the Highland House sold its two paddle courts (in 2002) after 20 years of league play, Don “Beany” Welch spoke with every bar and restaurant within 15 miles and finally knocked on the door of a house that was not on the market.  The owner’s first response was a quick, “no”. Undeterred, Beany returned two months later and the response was, “make me an offer.”

Beany, Woody Alverson, Eric Arvold, Brad Brogan and Tom Hayes put together a down payment and the property that is The Cedar Club today. The house is rented out to a deserving family, but the key was turning the garage into our Club House. We invite you to enjoy your membership at the Cedar Club, but when you get the chance, offer a “thank you” to our founding members who had the vision and determination to find a healthy home for great platform tennis!

Moeser & Martin win Club Championship

Moeser & Martin win Club Championship

Paddle People - Ready to chime in here. Attached are the results….  Apologize for not keeping great track of the consolation draw, but A - it happened; B- Forrer and Dr. Jost took it down.  Congrats to Martin/Matt for taking home the title.  We will have your name on...

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The Cedar Club exists to promote the sport of Platform Tennis to enthusiasts of all skills levels. We strive to provide an affordable venue with unique amenities that not only promote the sport but also the social elements of the sport and club that are important to our members. The Cedar Club strives to make a positive impact on our community.