We've got a place for you, no matter your skill level!
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Men’s League

We have over 80 guys who participate throughout our Winter Season.  That’s larger than any other club in Wisconsin!

What you’ll find are many former and current tennis players who love this sport as much as “the other racquet” sport.  And, most tennis players find platform to be to their liking, and yet, the ability for a player to get to most every shot can perplex experienced tennis players.  You won’t find many “passing shots” in our game.  But if you’re not a tennis player, fear not, because you can “get good” at paddle.  Many of our leading players were athletes in other sports and find that hustle and the “chess match” to their liking.

What you need to know…
We invite everyone to pick up a racquet and give it a go.  We even have demo racquets at the club, so you don’t need to buy a thing until you’ve been hooked.
Tennis shoes (there are actual platform shoes) and we have members who can get you great deals.  Just ask.  But, understand this, the court has a lot of “grit” on it.  It will literally eat your soles.  You may want two pairs to get through the season.
T-shirts, sweats, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, athletic gloves and hats.  In paddle, we’ll play through the harshest conditions.  What you want to do is layer.  You’ll work up a great sweat and soon discard outerwear as the match rages on. Many of our guys are in shorts during zero degree weather. (OK, not many, but we have a few nuts).
Bring a great attitude.  Every match is a doubles match.  You’ll be paired with experienced and inexperienced players.  There’s a lot to learn, but with an awesome deck, fire pit and fully stocked and heated garage, you’re sure to enjoy great conversation and build friendships while you’re at the Cedar Club!

Women’s League

We have over 30 ladies who participate throughout our Winter Season.  Like the men, that’s larger than any other club in Wisconsin!  What’s more, many of our women paddlers like to set up day matches to better fit into their busy schedules.  There’s even some paddle coaching that’s available from some of our best players.  

We invite you to take advantage of all of it.  We think the value for your experience is as good as it gets!

Special Events

Throughout the year, we have tournaments at TCC where you can test your skills and acquire glory (we even have the plaques to prove it)! Interested to compete, get into these Saturday most-of-the-day tournaments.  Entry fees do apply for each event.

Fall Classic (November) to kick the season off.
Brew City Open (January) paddle tournament for charities
SMACK! (Start of February) a great mid-season treat with special wagering

Spring Fling (February) a co-ed tournament that needs a new event coordinator to get it back in action!
Glo-Ball Giving (March) Night time tournament with Town Club
Spring Championship (Early April) to close things up and proof who’s the TCC Champ!
State Closed (April) the State’s premier tournament at multiple clubs to determine the best of the best.

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