This letter was found during a recent office clean up… just too good to pass up. 

(I believe it was sent out just prior to the 2012 SMACK! tourney — penned by Nick Curran to encourage those that didn’t have a decent A-partner…. word-for-word.)

Milwaukee’s Paddle A-listers 2012 by Club Affiliation:

The Cedar Club:
Eric Arvold — Top lefty in the state (Hall of Famer UWW)
Gary Feldman — Top 4.5 lefty in the state
Don “Beany” Welch — round and still a total freak of paddle nature
Erik Zipp — still in his 20’s playing against guys his dad’s age… that’s cool, dude… nice win
Mark Foster — kicks you in the teeth and then straightens ’em up
Brad Brogan — top 12 lefty in the state
Teddy “Stuckathome” Stuckschlaeghererer — WTF, Dude? Get out and play! We need you!
Tom “the Cannon” O’Byrne — recently proved someone can win with Squirrel
Brett “el Dukay” Smith — Don’t let his rank fool you… he is a lot better than Crosse
Scott “Viper” Schroeder — Best guy who wears glasses and volleys machine gun style
Justin Holsen — His super mellow tennis game has transferred into a patient paddle style
Brad Emmert — Yes, he is better than Crosse, too
Mike Lynch — Barely
Peter Drake — Nicest guy in glasses including Scott Schroeder
Chris Crosse — Welcome to your final-and-only-it-kills-me-to-even-admit-you make the list of recognition… seriously, I just puked myself

The Town Club
Dave Pelisek — only guy who can have a “any of my kids are smarter than any of yours” bumper sticker
Slade McGauran — kid just won the TC Club championship on a broken leg
Tom Bell — solid in mind and ability
John Harris — very hairy and 2011 SMACK! Champion
Dan O’Connell — Barely know him, but he’s good
Steve Stuehrk — Don’t remember if he has played, but he should

Tripoli Country Club
Curtis Reese — Seriously? No.

No Club Affiliation Golf and Riding Club
Anyone named Aranda

Legends “but for the most part retired but if they did want to play would still be an ‘A’ rated player” Country Club
Rich Silverthorn — Bad hip my ass
Gary Taxman — The guy could beat Crosse in a body cast