Paddle People –

Ready to chime in here.

Attached are the results….  Apologize for not keeping great track of the consolation draw, but A – it happened; B- Forrer and Dr. Jost took it down.  Congrats to Martin/Matt for taking home the title.  We will have your name on the wall in the near term.

Appreciate all the feedback.   Loved getting back to my hospitality days, and the weather and losing my first round match made that possible, so thanks to Brian and Dr. Lucke for taking care of business.

Lots to cover here:

  • if you didn’t pay, please do so, you can venmo me at @Daniel-Einhorn-2.  $75 for the tourney, and $30 if you got the gift.  See attached on the initial tab in the first column to see where you stand
  • Appreciate all the advice, consent, and suggestions.  While we implemented some of that, part of the note that the tourney will conduct Summer Paddle Rules for anything else, means there needs to be a final decision maker who is me 🙂
  • Thanks to Nicky for kicking my ass at bags (that is humiliating) and for making sure nothing was materially harmed during the cooking.
  • I truly appreciate all the offers of assistance.  When the bat call went out for ice, many of you stepped up
  • Kudos to Freddy and Farley for our bonus gift…. not sure how we are going to top that, but let me know if you have a startup Tequilla venture.
  • Couldn’t do this without my support team –> Bear and Pat stepping up on the gift, new logo, and booze….Next time, please plan your European travels not to overlap with important decisions that need to be made.  Also, the Black and White was the right call, so yes I can be out-voted
  • Club looked fairly well in order on Sunday morning, so those of you who picked up…it is noted
  • Bradley was responsible for breakfast, and Sammy didn’t even get a donut

OK – great year, but it isn’t over.  Hopefully some of you are playing Saturday in the Wisconsin Closed end of your tournament.

Summer paddle will begin the week of May 6th

If you want to participate, let me know.  It is $150 for the year, which covers the beer and balls, and, well someone else can fill you in on that.

We are going to run it a little differently this year.  There will be some individual and team competitions throughout the year….details to follow.

If you want in, also let me know what days of the week you can commit to.   We will likely be running 2 nights a week.  You can play one or multiple matches.

Sure I forgot something, but to the BOARD – thanks for giving us the leaway to run tournaments properly.  I don’t anticipate losing many members to the Town Club.

In the bonds.



 “Of course, it’s a paddle.”

 Consolation Bracket

In honor of the Consolation King, Mike Farley (who was absent from the tournament and still on I.R), the Consolation Bracket wasn’t filled out…nor was it ever intended to be.