Brock/Aiken vs. Johnson/Vuk at 8:40pm this Thursday!


Cedar Clubbers:

Its quite rare that the last match of the season will decide the cedar club league champion… but here we are. Here is the current leaderboard:

  1. Brock – 27122
  2. Vuk – 27120
  3. MJ – 27029

A mere 2 points separate #1 and #2, and I am less than 100 points back. The last match of the season, barring any last minute sub-ins, will be Brock/Aiken vs. Me/Vuk at 8:40PM… The winner between Brock and Vuk will take the title. It should be an excellent match to come out and watch, and a fitting conclusion to an excellent paddle league season.

For reference, in his first full season, Vuk is ranked  #81 in the world in paddle. APTA Men’s National Rankings ( Brock and I are tied at #289, but only on a very limited 2 tournament schedule.

Some of you will remember Einhorn botching the line on this same matchup a couple months back… see below. For reference, it was a 67 61 61 win for me and Vuk. Ill suggest the line should be 3/1 odds that me and Vuk will win (I’m not covering any bets or anything, figure it out amongst yourselves). The number of games won line is too complicated for me, someone else can figure that one out.

For clarity, Vuk is Serbian, not Russian. Cheering for him (and me) and enjoying watching Brock drop from #1 to #3 is completely appropriate.

COME OUT AND BE MERRY! This will be the last night of league until October. It, along with the club championships this Saturday, may be some of the last opportunities to get together until fall. I hope to see everyone.

Michael E. Johnson Jr. Esq.