Tomorrow, the MIlwaukee Open will be using the courts from 8:00 – 11:00. The Milwaukee Open is the only National Ranking Tournament played in Wisconsin each year.  The owners group gave permission for the court to be used for the M.O.  as they have for each of the last 12 years. 


This is a great chance to see some great players compete right at our club.  Brock/Johnson will be playing their first round match at The Cedar Club at 8:00 and if they win will be playing the 2nd seed at 9:30. If they lose they will be playing their first conciliation round at 9:30 there also. 

 Come and cheer them on and then stay for Open Paddle at 11:00. 


MIlwaukee Open matches will be played at Milwaukee Country Club and The Cedar Club in the morning and at the Town Club all day long. So feel free to swing by any location and watch some fantastic paddle.  


There is a chance that one or both courts will free up by 10:30. If this happens feel free to start Open Paddle before 11:00. 


Thanks and have a great weekend. 


— Duke


If you were at the Club on Saturday morning, you would have caught an amazing match between highly ranked National ATPA players Brad Smith & Zach Held vs. our own David Brock & Michael Johnson.

Brock/Johnson surprised the duo from Indiana/Libertyville by going up 3-0 in the first set… but National experience doesn’t go quietly away.  Our boys lost 4-6, 3-6, but the points were some of the best we’ve ever seen at the club.

Take a peek at the game that lost the first set — you’ll get an idea of how competitive the entire match was.