When looking at the schedule, you can quickly find what day, time, and court you are assigned to by looking at the player listing off to the right.   If you are not scheduled for any date or time that week you either requested off for the week or you are on BYE.   You can expect to have a BYE week every 6 weeks or so on average.

Here are some notes on the schedule/scoring system available on the laptop at the club:

  • Make sure somebody enters the scores after your match
  • If a player subbed in, you will need to replace whoever subbed out with the new players last name… and modify matchups if necessary depending on the SUB’s rank.
  • As you win or lose matches each week the system will automatically adjust to pair the highest ranked player with the lowest ranked player in the match.  The scheduled foursome will remain unchanged, but partners will be based on the ranking as of that week.
  • The ranking system is a points based system.  At the beginning of the year each rank is separated by 125 points.  If you win, you gain points.  If you lose, you lose points.  Points awarded take into account the difficulty or ease of your matchup.  Players can quickly move up and down the ladder simply by winning or losing a majority of their matches.


  • We have a good number of new guys and we do our best to rank them appropriately at the beginning of the year based on previous experience.  Adjustments will be made if and when an initial ranking is clearly in the wrong.  The grouping of new players starting at the bottom of the ladder will all start with same starting point total.
— Brad Schmieding
See Mens League October schedule here…