The original Cedar Club website was first established a decade ago in 2010. A revised site was set up late in 2015 (by Cedarburg design firm JSH&P) with the first blog post airing on January 1, 2016 (a video commemorating the 2012 season and dedicated to the TCC’s first favorite d0g, Lily).

After 5 years of activity, and coaxing members to chime in on the site (instead of e-mail — a challenge to-be-sure) and posting 109 blogs in that time, we are making our way toward the top of the world’s platform tennis sites!

Today, you can see for yourself, how much progress we’ve made in getting great information and humor out to our members, with a few national and international on-lookers checking in from time-to-time (China, apparently has it’s eye on us).

We invite you to participate more, either by sending through blog worthy material, writing it yourself, or simply commenting on any blog that you choose (comments need to be approved by the administrator — so don’t worry that it might take a day or two to clean up your foul language).

All the best,

Mike Farley — the administrator, web builder and currently no.27 in the club.