The team of David Brock and Travis Murphy won this year’s Fall Classic, as expected.  That’s not to say they didn’t have challengers, but the pairing was too strong for the other 16 teams to overcome.  In the Consolation bracket, the team of Kurt Doman and Matt Monroe took this “coveted crown”.

For more on the wins of the day, take it from Tournament Director, Dan Einhorn:

2020 has been difficult, and I thought it might be a good idea to share my thoughts on the Cedar Club and follow up from the Fall Classic

I first want to thank the board for giving the go ahead to run the tournament, as well as summer paddle.

I want to thank the club for improving my box and put in appropriate heating

I want to thank the person for bringing the outdoor heater which enabled me to burn my hand…yes even in sobriety, I am an idiot.

I want to thank Mark Mentzer. Bob O’Neill, Troy Roberts and Brian Howley for showing up for an 8 AM match they didn’t sign up for.

I want to thank the ranking committee for keeping Travis Murphy at the bottom of the ladder so he could be eligible for the ping pong ball shootout

I want to thank Nick Creten for donating his ping pong shooter for the draft lottery

I want to thank Brian Howley for sending pizza to the club and Tommy Lehman for sending pizza my house

I want to thank Miss Molly for terrific doughnuts and lunch

I want to thank the Vodka alliance for sharing the goods  

I want to thank all of those who had to wait 4 hour between matches with minimal complaints

I want to thank Vybe for helping those with long breaks

I want to thank Farley for a better blog post forthcoming

I want to thank Tommy and the club for an upgrading speaker system

I want to thank those of you who kept the tent upright

I want to thank Todd P, Ben H, Greg M, and John T for playing a 2 hour opening match

I want to thank all of those who played before noon for showing up in subpar conditions

I want to give my best to Matt Moeser, and hope everything is OK with his kid.

I want to thank Johnny for handling the gift

I want to thank everyone for disposing of the cig butts appropriately

I want to thank everyone for the help cleaning up throughout the day

I want to thank everyone for staying outside and having minimal people in the clubhouse

I want to thank Duke. Dan S and B-Mac for their comradery

I want to thank Sammy for only eating one donut

I want to thank Suger Tits for carrying his partner and finally give him the Fall Classic Championship he richly deserves.

This was an unbelievable day under the circumstances.  What a special club we have.  I don’t think I could have made it through 2020 as a sane person without it.

Attached is the draw.  It also has a tab showing who paid and who picked up a gift.

If you want a favor, let Jon F know.  We have some extras…. They are $30.  If you didn’t play, please do so.

So here is to a better 2021.

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