The Draw is Set…

In an attempt to create even more drama for the Club, visionary tournament director Dan Einhorn, implemented a lottery system to determine the pairings for this year’s Fall Classic tournament — in place of the standard “top ranked-worst ranked” system.

Ping pong balls were purchased and participants were asked to sign their name to determine who would get the first draw — namely, Andrew Bayliss. 

Said Einhorn, “As you know, our Polynesian friend is prone to impulse purchases, and wanted to try out his ping pong ball shooter.”

The shooter was fine, but reading the instructions on its usage might have helped the broadcast.  In an attempt at transparency, the event was filmed in clips…

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“The committee instituted an anti-tanking policy, so we decided a weighted lottery would prevent future lower ranked guys from trying to get the #1 overall pick.” candidly stated Einhorn.

This begs the question, “Have guys been tanking their rankings?”

“Is the S.H.I.T. system being gamed?”

“Does Creten have a too much money and time on his hands?”

Look for more on these issues in coming blog posts!

If you wish to skip ahead a bit… or if the drama is just too intense, you can view the pairings for this weekend’s tournament here…