If you were at Open Paddle this weekend, you got a little taste of some Red Zone action.  Namely, two red targets attached to the back screen.  If hit by the ball, the point is over.  First unveiled years ago by Beany Welch as a means of spicing up the game on tournament days, Red Zone play can really change your game plan as you hunt for opportunities to attack and work to protect your own target.

This weekend’s testing moved the targets from the center position to a bit off-center on the Ad Court side.

“I like that shift from the center,” commented Mike Farley, ” it should help hold the A-player from creeping too far into the deuce court — not that it’ll help my game.”

With more than a dozen guys in attendance, Court 1 Red Zone targets got thoroughly tested.

“Frankly, I’m all in favor of it, not only for the Fall Classic, but for the whole year.” stated Pat Jost, who was completely dialed in by striking the Red Zone target six times in a one set Open Paddle match!

For paddle purists… you’ll simply have to endure the December 7th Fall Classic as the ball comes speeding toward your target. 

Remember, if you miss, the ball may be coming back even harder.

Good luck!