Men’s League at 90 players!


Welcome to the start of the 2019-2020 Paddle season! 

I will be scheduling out the first 4 weeks of play (October 8th – Oct 31st).  As Dale mentions, if you have any days within that timeframe that you are unavailable please let me know if you have not already.  We have quite a few members this year so finding a sub should be no problem at all if you are scheduled and end up not being able to play.

That said, if you want to send through certain weeks you are not available for whatever reason please get them to me by Monday September 30th and I will see what I can do to adjust the schedule accordingly.  My goal is to get the schedule out by mid next week.

We have some new members and returning members to welcome to the club:

Adam Schaeffer, Scott Pecor, Bryan Miles, Colin Johnson, Bill Berrien, Mike Bayliss, Bill Fairburn, Curt Lundeen, James Wawrzyn, Martin Vertacnik, Jon Wagner, Ed Gordon and Ryan Oakes


The initial rankings and contact information is below.  If any of the contact information looks outdated please let me know.

— Brad

Click on the rankings for it to enlarge to your own ego.