The endorsement of the Cedar Club for any political candidate, or candidate for Ozaukee County Judge for-that-matter, does not come easily or often… and that’s why we aren’t endorsing a candidate this time around either…

BUT, you should know, in a campaign season where your mailbox has been filled with postcards, only one candidate was a player at The Cedar Club.

James “should-have-bought-another-vowel” Wawrzyn.

You may not recall James because he was never loud, never impolite, never imposing and never ranked higher than #56 on the ladder.  However, you would be incorrect to think that James didn’t make an impact at the Club.  Believe it or not, he won the TCC Fall Classic, not once, but twice!  First, in 2012, he and wily-veteran partner Don “Beany” Welch; then, in 2015, James won the Fall Classic again with then, rookie sensation, Andrew Bayliss.

We wondered why James wasn’t playing this winter — perhaps we have our answer as he vies for a new Club Championship — Ozaukee County Judge. 

In his own words…

“I believe in an impartial courtroom, and consistent public safety — and I’m asking for your support on Tuesday, February 19th — oh, and I am actually the one guy nicer than Andy Siefkes.”

Politifact?  True.