With the TCC Snow Removal Company down to a single shoveler, Tom Lehman jumped in and assisted in the removal of 13″ of snow off of both courts on Monday afternoon, prior to a scheduled women’s paddle clinic by Duke.  What’s more, Lehman came back with a snowblower to remove the frozen snowbanks from the deck.  Great work to knock out Old Man Winter!

Too bad the rest of the Cedar Club couldn’t handle the deep freeze and began cancelling matches left and right.

Actual email transcript:
Monday, Jan.28 

Bob O’neil: Supposed to be 8 below with high winds.  Doesn’t sound all that fun.  Thoughts?
Mike Farley: I’m still game to play if everyone’s a trooper… in the same token, if no one wants to, curling up by the fire won’t be a problem.
Scott Molepske:  Thanks for the reminder.  Ya, you are right, 10 below with 22mph winds.  I say skip – but will play if others want to.
Troy Roberts: Since it is the cold and flu season I am going to have to side with Scott and Bob on this.
Mike Farley: Then it’s unanimous.  Stay home and drink one sad beer.

P.S> The women called off the clinic.