100% of the Vote Tabulated.

Scheduling Men’s League matches has been the problem child of the Cedar Club since it’s inception.  Finding anyone dumb, er, sophisticated enough to take on the task is the first hurdle.  The second is to actually have members follow a schedule once it’s created.  Throw in player rankings and the ability to move up and down with an actual formula — and allow for substitutions … well, that’s a lot to ask for.

Ever since the initial launch of the Lundeen 2000 in 2010 (at least that’s the year I’m making up), Men’s league matches have been steadily scheduled, played and recorded — with only a few small hiccups along the way. In that time, the TCC Men’s League has grown from 40 players to over 80 today.

However, since the last reporting on the near meltdown of the Lundeen 3000, trouble began to brew.  A call from business banking tycoon, Mike Showalter, for raising fees and hiring a professional technology firm was met some skepticism and a call for an all club survey from the Midwest’s HVAC King, Tom Gelin, was “instantly” enacted.

Even newly elected Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers chimed in, “It’s time for a change!”

Mark Mentzer, Chairman of the Vodka Alliance, sympathetic to the current system, spoke eloquently of the need to judge the merits of each system — despite the cryptic influences of David Brock — and the strong arm tactics of fellow banking magnate Jon Willems.

“We should establish a committee to investigate options and costs,” demanded Showalter.

World-renowned photographer Kevin Netz buoyed Showalter’s argument for further investigation for new technology, but took it a step further in decrying the support for the Lundeen 3000 as “good ole boys club”  protectionism.

These calls were met with “great vengeance and furious anger” by a Duke, no less, citing the Club’s own motto, “If you don’t like how we do things at the Cedar Club, get you own garage.”  (Weakly applauded by Bobby Sheehy, brother to the president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.)

With the influence of all these great men, with their mighty accomplishments and track record of success, the choice of the All Club Survey — after having been tabulated with 100% of the vote registered — became clear.  Leave it to the guidance and wisdom of club members to bring back sanity to an otherwise awkward, volatile and potentially costly situation…




*NOTE: this is non-binding referendum and is only meant to guide the TCC Board on it’s actions in reference to future league scheduling and the general welfare of the club and it’s members.