Champions and number 1 rankings in the past have become whispered legends around the club house, but for the first time, the facts of the season reveal these coveted honors:

THE PLAYER OF THE YEAR, awarded to the no.1 ranked player by the end of the season* is awarded to Andrew Bayliss.  Andrew started at no.2 and dipped only to no.3, while resting atop the league on four separate ranking periods (see final rankings: 2017-18_TCC-FINAL-Rankings). Consistent play, a big serve, an incredible forehand and his ability to out-hustle the competition proved to be too much for his opponents.

MEN’S CLUB CHAMPIONS were awarded to the no.5 ranked player, David Brock & his no.53 ranked partner, Jay Praefke, who dominated this year’s Club Championship tournament.  It was Brock’s third straight time as Men’s Club Champion.  The FALL CLASSIC CHAMPS, if you recall, were Brad Brogan and his partner, T.J. Strachota.

THE MOST IMPROVED PLAYER award was earned by Jon Feldbruegge, who climbed a whopping 20 spots throughout the year.  Starting at no.67 and finishing at no.47, Jon showed stellar improvement throughout the season.  The award for the TOP 20 MOST IMPROVED PLAYER goes to Jason Wier, who climbed 6 spots to finish the season at no.16.

The Lundeen 3001 has its hiccups to be sure, but it has been rather accurate in placing players on the ladder correctly, since most paddlers finish the season within 2 or 3 spots of their initial ranking.  However, Jerry Zavorka wins the ROLLER COASTER AWARD for dropping 5 spots, then climbing 7 places, only to fall back 6 spots to end the season four rungs lower than he started.  The dubiously named FALLING STAR AWARD, for dropping the most spots on the ladder, goes to Fred Westreich, who saw his stock fall 15 places… but there’s a bright side, Doc — think of the potential for next year’s “Most Improved”?


To see how you faired compared to your peers, take a closer look at the stats > 2017-18_MensLeague

* The end of the season was the final ranking just prior to the Club Championship on March 17th.