Written by Mike Showalter

In sports, a dynasty is a team or individual that dominates their sport for an extended length of time. This year will be my 3rd year participating in the Club Championship and all I have known is to see Brock and partners (Nye/Zoromski) take the most coveted title Club Champion, which leads me to ask…are Brock’s back to back wins a start of a dynasty?

Whether Brock’s success over the past 2 years can be considered a start of a dynasty at TCC will no doubt create much debate amongst Club Members. As with any conversation over whether an individual or team is a dynasty the debate is often based on respect or lack thereof. Unfortunately in the conversation of Brock’s dynasty it appears it is a lack of respect that will dominate this topic. As the Administrator of the TCC Blog quotes Brock in his March 20, 2017 post plagiarizing Rodney Dangerfield, “I get no respect. None at all!”

Brock appears to be in a downward spiral in getting the respect that is deserved and he might not be off on his theory. As Brock has stated he is a defending champ that has entered this year’s competition as 4th seat behind Bayliss, Arvold and Beany. Even though Brock won the 2016 Club Championship Bayliss was credited with the win in some of the clubs write ups. Lastly the Club Championship plaque in the club house has not been updated since his first win.

But maybe there is something behind the appearance of a lack of respect for Brocks back to back championships. For one I don’t recall Arvold participating in either of those championships won by Brock, and if we are all honest with ourselves how can one claim to be a champ without going through Arvold? Secondly I recall in last year’s championship match Duke yelling at Brock to tone down his serves where Brock made me look like a complete fool in my attempt to make a return. A memory that has stayed with me through every match I’ve played since. Some may have taken that to be disrespectful to a developing B player. Lastly, for someone that is so concerned about being respected I find it conflicting that he has posted the following commit on the TCC Blog, “I remember nothing and nobody. Focus on the now, forget the past. It makes me stronger.”   

Yes, Brock has won the last 2 Club Championships. That’s commendable. Let’s all offer him a metaphorical high-five.

Despite whether Brock’s success can be considered a dynasty is certainly up for debate. I for one don’t see a 3rd win coming his way.