…at least, that’s what most thought today’s headline might bring.

Instead, the righty-lefty combo of David Brock and Eric Zoromski took the 2017 TCC Men’s Championship over the incredibly exhausted veteran left-hander, Brad Brogan, and his partner, Mike Showalter, in a hard fought match.

“I get no respect. None at all!” stated the irascible Mr. Brock — plagiarizing a Rodney Dangerfield line.

Brock, last year’s defending TCC Club Champion, may have been given an unfair advantage by being handed a true reason to win the tournament — revenge!  A simple, but unfortunate error in a most recent blog post set off a pre-tournament fire storm between Brock and Cedar Club sweetheart Andrew Bayliss. Bayliss was mentioned as the 2016 Champion, despite Brock’s actual picture being on the blog banner above.  Brock went so far as to pick a fight with the incorrectly honored Bayliss, by submitting a graphic that got Bayliss’ attention and rebuttle (see previous blog post commentary).  But when it came time for the two young turks to square off in the semi finals, Brock and Zoromski defeated Bayliss and the Red Snapper quite handily.

Zoromski was in awe of Brock’s paddle skills, but commented, “Don’t put me in the middle of this.”

However, the maker of blog mischief, Mike Farley, noted, “When you watch Andrew play, it’s like poetry in motion.  You watch Brock and he plays angry.  Oh, he hustles… and can make shots no one else can… but in the end, it’s Andrew everyone comes to see.”

In the ever popular Consolation bracket, the dynamic duo of Curt Doman and Mike Jelinski took an exciting 3-set match over Andy Garni and his legendary Super Suck partner.

“We’re super excited to have won the title on a court no one watches and no one cares about,” chirped Doman. “It’s great to see a new guy like Mike get all of the glory of the Consolation Title.  Me? Not so much.  I’ve been around long enough to realize that the best you’ll ever be in this bracket is Peter Drake.”

This year’s championship saw all members celebrating the shocking upset victory by the Wisconsin Badgers over Villanova in NCAA March Madness — except for one, Daniel Einhorn, who’s no.1 seeded calcutta purchase went screaming down the drain.

Einhorn was last seen streaking through the woods.

Every year brings out a special camaraderie that is The Cedar Club, typically induced by the addition of spirited beverages.  Saturday saw some of the finest exhibitions of intoxicated play that the club has ever seen.  Who could forget the exceedingly awkward wrestling match between Rick Allen and Tom Lehmann or the incredible bared-chest of the aforementioned Mr. Einhorn?  But greater still than these, was quite possibly the worst match in TCC history on Court One — and that’s saying something — going down in TCC lore as simply “The Beurré” (beur-ay).  If you have to ask who was in it; who fell down; who cut their hand; or how it turned out; simply means that you weren’t there to experience it…. AND that you actually cared.

At the end of the day, everyone survived under perfect paddle weather, good food (awesome chocolate chip scones), pretty decent swag and lots of time for play, both on the court and around the fire pit, The Cedar Club Championship proves once again that it is not to be missed!

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