18 teams vie for TCC’s most coveted title

TCC President Dale Borowiak released this year’s Men’s Club Championship draw for this St. Patrick’s Day Saturday extravaganza —   “It’s another strong field this year with four of our Top 10 ranked players in the tournament.”

Six years ago, the “Middle Miracle” occurred with the team of Mrotek/Lindstrum pulling off an impossible championship.  This year, that honor would go to the likes of Moeser/Jenkins or Doman/Mentzer, who not only sit at the very middle in the TCC rankings, but also square off vs. each other as the day’s first match.

“You know, it could happen,” stated Dave Jenkins unconvincingly.  Too bad the winner of their contest will face #1 ranked Andrew Bayliss and his #80 partner, Greg Marks.

“Greg’s play will be instrumental if I am to win the championship… er, I mean, if WE are to win the championship,” noted Bayliss.

David “Dangerfield” Brock, last year’s champion (along with Eric Zoromski) seems to be all business this year, with his last-guy-to-sign-up-for-the-tournament partner,  Robb Edwards.  “Did you even mention that I’ve won this thing two years in a row? Of course not.”

(Please see David Brock’s free-flowing commentary for this year in the post scriptum)

Teams that also look to make a run for the title could be Arvold/Showalter, Brogan/Garni and Welch/Wagner, but can Beany last for four matches?  The curiously absent, Brett Smith was overheard to utter, “It’s Beany, how can you not root for him?”

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Some stats and info for your pre-tournament blog.
• Combined team ratings attached
• I am the two time defending champ, and somehow the 4th seed!  Raw deal!
• Last year Bayliss was credited pre-tournament for winning the previous year, NO, it was me!
• Despite winning the last two years, I have YET to see my name on the walls of the cedar club!

I’ve never seen Edwards play, never met him, don’t know his first name.  Bet he’s going home with the trophy come Saturday night.
• Won before, check
• Won twice before, check
• Lowest combined team rating (except for 1 middleman team), check
• Chip on shoulder, check
• Angry, check
• Hungry, check
• Will win this year, CHECKMATE

— D.B.

Strong words…  Come on out on Saturday to heckle your favorite two-time champion!