(Farley even made a Back 40 logo)

It’s Back!

By popular demand, the “Back 40” event is scheduled for Saturday, April 14th, starting at 8AM and lasting until 2 champs are crowned.  As this is a newer event, in only its second year, I have completed a list of FAQs for those unfamiliar with this prestigious tournament.

Does the Board know about this?   Yes, we have a date and a blessing.

Was there really a “popular demand?”   A couple guys asked about it, so yeah, there was!

What is the Back 40?  Anyone with a ladder number higher than 40 at anytime this season (ranked at or below the “Sheehy Line”) is part of the Back 40 and eligible to play.

Isn’t that about 45 people, making it a Back 45?  Some have been injured or played little to none.   The inclusion of those worse than 40 on the ladder emanates from a carefully derived scientific algorithm- in other words, about anyone who I think I can take down on a good day.

If I play, will I be stuck with the same crummy partner all day?  That doesn’t sound like fun.

Negativity is not tolerated at the Back 40!   Yes, you will be stuck with a crummy partner — it’s the Back 40!  No, it won’t be the same partner all day.  Since no one is happy with their partner, partners change after (or within) every match.

How long are matches?   To be decided.  Depending on numbers, a match may end with first to win 9 games.

Or, potentially, if 4 players are similarly unskillled, same group of 4 will change partners when 4-6 games are won, rotating partners once or twice depending on matchups.

Are Squirrel’s nuts going to be there?  No, so there is that.

Why is it called the Back 40?  Google Definition- “wild or rough terrain adjacent to a developed area”.  Sounds about right.

How are the winners picked if we keep switching partners?  This is fluid and open to suggestions.  Points assigned for games and matches won.   Last year, the winning percentage of the top 4 players propelled them to the championship match, winners take all.

Will there be food?  Lunch will be served.

Doing Sheepshead lessons and tournament afterward again this year?  If we have numbers!

If I’m ranked better than 40, any chance I could play?  Sorry, that is NOT an FAQ, nor has it ever occurred to anybody in the top 40.  As always, heckling encouraged.

How come the Cedar Club web page doesn’t include the Back 40 with the other special tournament events?
Excellent Question for the administrator!*

Sounds ill conceived and poorly planned.  How do I sign up?  Don’t need to commit yet, but let Dr. Lucke know NOW if, barring unforeseen issue, you plan to play.  dluck77777@aol.com

Is there a prize if I win? Aside from the sheer pride of coming out on top of the club’s dung heap, Bolliger says if we play the Back 40 again, it counts as an event deserving of a perpetual plaque in the clubhouse.  To be sure, this is your BEST CHANCE for club recognition, short of standing in a corner near a #1 seed.

Winners will also have dibs on swag left in the clubhouse at season-end before Dale ships it to Goodwill.

— Dave Lucke

* The administrator is always happy to share the joy of paddle from all of those that play the game, and, as evidenced by this post (and one from 3/26/2017 & 4/25/2107), mention of this Back 40 Tournament has been made.  Sadly, calling too much attention to the level of play at the Back 40 could be considered detrimental to the club’s stature.