Know This:
Men’s League play will start on Tuesday, October 17th!

Try a paddle.
On Wednesday, October 11th, we will have the Wilson racquet rep at the club starting at 7PM.  This will give you the chance to use different racquets and decide if you would like to purchase one.  Due to the business relationship that Wilson has with Les Moise, you will need to purchase it from them.  We’re working on a discount through Les Moise and we’ll keep you posted on that.

Open Paddle.
For the next two weeks we will continue open paddle.  Be sure to get up there and get some games in.  New members, get with your sponsors and start to learn the game.  We have decided to schedule everyone in the first couple of weeks, even if you have not paid, but after the initial schedule, we will not continue to schedule you until you have paid your dues.

Dog Doo.
The renter is currently helping her daughter take care of a dog.  I have asked Christine to clean up more after the number 2s.  To date, she is not doing a very good  job.  Be careful if you chase a ball out of the court back by the shed and house.  In regards to members dogs, we continue to be a dog friendly club, but please be sure to clean up after your dog’s when you bring them to the club.  May be best to leave them home at night, or be sure you return during daylight hours to clean up.  Please don’t force us to change our stance on this subject.

More Members?
We still have room for new members.  Information needed for new members; 1. Name  2. Mailing address  3. Cell number  4.Email address

Any questions?
Contact Dale Borowiak (262.424.3584)