Thanks again for an outstanding year at the Cedar Club.  It’s because of the 80+ members we have that makes the club special.  I do want to pass along a few changes coming up for next season.

There will be an increase in the dues
• Single membership- $650.00 + tax + $25.00 ball fee
• Family membership- $785.00 + tax + $25.00 ball fee
• Women’s membership- $375.00 + tax + $25.00 ball fee
• Social membership- $250.00 + tax + $25.00 ball fee—This includes Open Paddle, access to the club.  Excludes league play, league paying members should be contacted as subs

We will be getting invoices out in July to current members.  Payment is due before you will be scheduled in the fall.  Curt has made changes to his program which will NOT limit membership (let the recruiting begin).

We apologize for ending the league early this year.  Moving forward, league will continue after the league championship as it has in the past.  Probably through mid-April, or longer if there is interest.

We have a new policy for using the club for parties/events.  Please contact Brad Brogan before placing your event on the calendar.  The flat fee for use is $100.00.

Open Paddle– We’ve noticed a fall-off in regards to Saturday Open Paddle.  We are looking to make a change in time to better serve the membership.  Andy Siefkes will be putting a short survey together to share.  Please take the time to fill out.  We will implement by fall.

• Summer of 2018 the courts will be re-surfaced
• Screens and boards will be adjusted as necessary- Please  refrain from whacking the screens with your paddle, or your body.
• Extra propane tank installed for court 2 (done)
• Extensive work done on heaters (Thanks, Rick Allen)

Thanks again for being members of the best paddle club in Wisconsin!!

— The Board