For 365 days, the Town Club plotted its revenge against The Cedar Club.  And revenge was just what they got with a whopping 21-13 game score victory over the TCC.  The March 4th tourney boasts four flights of the best players from each club in head-to-head play. With perfect paddle weather and a full day of action as Town Club took back the trophy in this annual charity event.

“We’re pleased to have the title… and for kicking your ass,” stated TC Captain Aaron Gardner.  He may have been referring to the entirety of the competition, or just the ass-whooping he and his partner gave the TCC duo of Mike Farley and Stephen Provancher.  Stated Farley, “It’s sad that we lost this tournament, but if you look at the game scores, you’ll see that our best completely dominated.  It was the mid-ranked guys like me, who lost this for the Cedar Club.”

Farley was, in fact, correct.  In the first flight, all three Cedar Club teams went 2-1 in head-to-head play against stiff competition from the Town Club. TCC teams: Arvold/Smith, Welch/Brogan and Deam/Bayliss all held their own with Town’s Bell/Pelicek also turning in a 2-1  game score. That’s a 6-3 First Flight romp over Team Town Club.  TC Dreamteam members Scott Pecor and Gary Feldman lost all three of their matches.

Luckily, Scott owns a bar.

For Cedar Club fans, the bottom three flights were nothing short of a train wreck.  7-18 overall!  The 3rd and 4th flights both won only 3 games, while the 2nd flight won only one of it’s eight matches*.  Part of this collapse could have been due to the loss of 13th ranked Mitch Regenfuss to an unfortunate achilles injury. TCC Captain Dan Einhorn filled in for Regenfuss, while still playing his own slate of matches.  Einhorn may have been a trooper for competing in five matches (a new GloBall record), but his overall record didn’t match his heart.

“Hey, it’s for the kids.” Einhorn quipped.

And in that, the day truly was, as thousands of dollars and dozens of pieces of used playground equipment were collected for disadvantaged youths across the globe.  If you’d like to learn more about contributing to GloBall, visit their website at:

As night fell, the neon glow of blacklit courts, balls and apparel came up to finish off the day.  Many wives of the players came to watch AND play. If you haven’t played “GloBall Paddle” — it’s a unique experience, to say the least.  All-in-all, a great day of action!

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*Two late-day matches weren’t played due to their inconsequence.