The State Closed Tournament will be held on May 6th.  The later date is to accommodate the late Spring Break Schedule this year.

If you are new to Paddle, we have an annual year end tournament where you can play to be crowned State Champion.  We have 2 draws, an “A Draw” and a ” B Draw”. 

We don’t have definitions of what level you must be to be an “A”, but typically guys that are in the top 15 or so on our ladder would typically enter this draw.  But you can enter regardless of your ladder position.  If you are in the top 10 – 12, you better not try to enter the “B Draw” unless you are looking for a lot of comments challenging your manhood. 

This tournament is for all Wisconsin residents regardless of the where you play your paddle. So if you have a buddy that plays across town, grab them and sign up. 

It is always a great day. So regardless of your paddle ability, send the season out with a band and register for the tournament. 

We will announce entry fee (plan on $60ish) and favors in about a month. You register by emailing Brett Smith, Scott Pecor or Aaron Gardner (see email for addresses) — or call Duke at 262-255-9545.