Walt Geiger leaving the Cedar Club for Las Vegas …and a new life!

Let’s be clear, Geiger is getting married (to a beautiful woman, no less — shown here with his soon to be step daughter, Lizzy), got a new job and has to move from the onset of a sub-zero winter in Wisconsin to 80-degrees and sunny in Las Vegas. Sounds perfectly reasonable and potentially too good to be true, right?

I think we all know the real reason for his departure: being downgraded from a 29 ranking back to no.30.

“The guy has been on the verge of cracking into an elite circle at the Club, then, just when he’s in — he’s out,” stated an unnamed source at the Club.  

It’s true, Geiger never broke the top 30 in the 2015-16 Men’s League season and this year started at the no.33 spot.  By Thanksgiving, he had finally jumped to no.29, but only a week later, just prior to the Fall Classic, Geiger was demoted for no apparent reason, back to the no.30 spot he knows so well.  


There appears to be more to the story.
Curt Lundeen — head of scheduling and ranking — denies any conspiracy, choosing to denigrate Geiger’s character, “We are losing a member who is talking his gambling problem to the next level and moving to Vegas.”

Geiger seemed to confirm Lundeen’s suspicions, “It is true.  I am moving to Las Vegas for work.  I know, it’s a tough break… I am leaving on Thursday night and will need a sub at 6:00. I know this is a gross violation of finding a sub rules but I hope you’ll let it slide.”  

It’s unclear if the TCC Board will let his violation slide. Geiger became defensive and dramatic when pressed, saying, “It has been great getting to know all of you over the last few years and because of you all, paddle is probably the only thing I will miss about winter in Wisconsin.”  For all his sincerity, one has to wonder, “On behalf of Ann and me, if you are ever plan on being in the area, let us know.  We would love to see you (OK, most of you…).”

Jim Carlos (ranked 34th) was quick to pick up the 6 o’clock match …and was overheard celebrating Walt’s departure as a means toward moving further up the rankings, only to be thwarted by Lundeen, who secretly — and immediately — brought in Geiger’s replacement: top-flight Chicagoland player Russ Mull — at no.8, no less. Lundeen had no further comment.

This did not sit well with Dan Einhorn, “After all these years, I finally make it to no.20 this week — THIS WEEK — and now you’re telling me I’m not? What the F***?”

From everyone at The Cedar Club, I’m sure we’ll all miss you!  Best of luck in Sin City, Walt!