The time is here for the Fall Classic. 
We ended up with 48 members playing.

HERE’S THE DRAW > cedar-club-fall-classic-_2016-draw

Please look at the draw and make sure you understand location and time you are playing. Those of you playing off site, someone take the opportunity to grab balls from CC.

We are starting early at CC (730) so we can get as many games there as possible.  I have tried to get everyone over to the CC at some point, but with 24 teams, it just isn’t feasible.  Please understand.

For those of you new to the tourney, it is no add scoring up until the semi-finals where it will be determined by those playing.  In the losers bracket, you play a 9 game Pro Set.  First team to win 9 games, wins the match.

No add scoring means that when you’re game is at 40-40 (deuce), the  player serving, must serve to their equal.  I.e.  A player to A, B to B.  The point wins the game.  This moves all matches along so we’re not going into the evening.

The tournament is very fluid.  Loser bracket games are not always the priority.  Some may be played at CC, others will have to be played at TCC (The Cedar Club) or MCC (Milwaukee Country Club) or SS (Scott Schroeder’s Home). For those you playing at TCC and MCC to start your morning, please stay and play the Loser vs. Loser match.  Everyone is guaranteed two matches.

Format is 24 team single elimination.  This is always a great day and a lot of fun.

Don always has a continental breakfast out, and then lunch is served around noon.

The fee is $60.00, which covers everything, including favor.  If you’re not playing at CC in the morning, be sure to make it for lunch, pick up your favor, and enjoy some good jocularity with fellow members.

Have Fun!!!

Any questions, call me at 2624243584
— Dale Borowiak