You’re all winners in my book!

This year’s summer finale was played on Thursday night from 6:30 to 10pm on what started out as a hot and humid August evening and ended up with a bit of rain and a lightning sky. Just the kind of fireworks you’d expect from the Cedar Club.

Tournament director Dan Einhorn let the 14 paddlers in on this year’s format.

“We’re going to play a round robin of 3 matches each in pro sets to eight. Everyone has been handicapped. After you pick poker chips, yellow and green on court two and red and blue on court 1. Black chips are out…. now all you do is add up your handicap scores from my laptop with your partner, simply find the difference then times by a variable cosign and divide by four and you’ll have the pre-game score… easy.”

Needless to say, no one knew where there were, other than Mike Farley who followed along perfectly until he found out that his opening match would result in a pregame score of plus three games to his opponent and minus 6 on his side. Thankfully, he played with Einhorn who assured it would all work out just fine. 

And it did.  

The fire pit was replaced as the pizza pit and everyone who attended had a blast.  No cost, no favors, just pizza, beer & some good yucks.