Mike Aiken, fresh off his stinging defeat to Fall Classic champion (and Irishman) Bob O’Neil, claimed victory at the St. Patrick’s Day Invitational Tournament with his partner, who we’ll just call, Lucky ( Jon Feldbruegge’s friend). Team Aiken, the winners of Pool 1 (on Court 1) defeated the tie-breaking winners of Pool 2, Ben Haddorff and Robert Clan O’Neil-at-the-Trough in a one-set square off.

There were three teams in Pool 2, including Team Haddorff who had a 3-1 record… all qualifying for the finals match (Team Oakes/Gelin and Team Regenfuss/Borowiak).  Rumors that the tie-breaker being based on if you had an Irishman on your team were unfounded. In truth, the tie-breaker was based on games given-up from which Haddorff had this to say, “We can’t thank Squirrel and Farley enough for the free bagel!”

To which, the afforementioned, Steve Mayer, had this to say, “We can’t thank Matt Monroe and Tom Lehmann enough for going 0-4 and taking the cellar title from us.”

Thank you to Jon Feldbruegge for stepping up and organizing the event… All-in-all, a pleasant, albeit windy day, to watch some college basketball, play some paddle, eat some mac-n-cheese and drink some booze. How else would you spend your St. Patrick’s Day?