Nick Curran’s SMACK! tournament has always been dominated by a powerful A, and Vukasin Teofanovic (better known as “Vuk”) fits that bill to a tee.  Having been both the Smack defending champion AND the State Closed Champion from 2022, Vuk knows a thing-or-two about playing five matches and winning them all.  His partner, Aaron Gardner performed his B-role flawlessly, handling his corner and setting up Vuk for great drives and winning rallies.

They had their work cut out for them from a unique “A-B” team of Billy Bertha and his partner, Rob Krill. Both relatively new to platform tennis, but both D1 tennis players from UW, worked a combination of Billy’s power to Krill’s amazing ability to get to everything… and I mean, everything.

In the end, Marquette’s former #1 (with his Lumberjack B) got the best of the Badger duo.

Smack! is always well run, fully catered and offers great, yet unconventional swag, thanks to the dedication of Nick Curran. It’s the one tourney where you are guaranteed three matches at every level.  With matches all over the Milwaukee area (Cedar Club, Town Club, Milwaukee CC, MAC & Schroeders), culminating in championship matches from every draw at The Cedar Club in Cedarburg, WI — all players eventually end up with exactly the match you were supposed to get.

Kudos, once again, for pulling it all together, Nick!

Said Curran, “Every year I ask myself, ‘why do you go through all the hassles of running this tournament? Then after another great day of SMACK! I always say, ‘why do I go through all the hassles of running this tournament!’”

For a look at the day, here are the brackets:

And a look at some of the action throughout the day…

Just a little snippet of Court 1 action with Bertha-Krill vs. Brock-Monroe.