Welcome to SMACK! 2023

A few final comments:

Show up!  Thank you. On time.  Thanks again. Last minute cancellations or no shows are bad form and trash the draw.  Don’t be that guy!

Your entry fee can be paid in cash, check, Apple Pay, or PayPal (no Venmo because my bank does not play nice with the Plaid platform…Sorry).  Please pay me when you check in at The Cedar Club.  You do not need to pay me before you matches begin.  Please seek me out upon your arrival at the Cedar Club for a match, lunch, dinner or whenever you can make it over there.  Please square up as soon as you arrive so I don’t have to hunt you down. .  In some cases, you may not have a match at The Cedar Club.  I still need you to check in even if you have been eliminated from the draw. Your Favor is located at The Cedar Club as is all the food for the event.

Entry is $100.00 per player.

Draw Notes:

CC = The Cedar Club

TC = Town Club

UC = University Club

MCC = Milwaukee Country Club

Match Notes:

First serve in is always allowed in SMACK! for every match, so bring the heater, Cheater!

New 3rd set format for all back-draw matches….If you split sets, the 3rd set will be determined by a 10 point (win by two) tie breaker.  Please don’t be the guy who says, “F that! Let’s go to war!” You are in the back draw…it’s ok…

Please go directly to the venue listed on the draw for your 1st match and so on for subsequent following matches.

Balls will be at the venues for your matches, should a site be running low, please call me and let me know. Please only use 1 new ball per match…warm up with previously scratched balls.

Be courteous and kind at all venues.  If you make a mess, please pick it up.  Club cooperation is why we can do this event!  Special note: MCC is hosting a paddle event on the night of the 11th.  Please take special care of the paddle house and surrounding areas. 

Be on time for your matches….if you are delayed due to an epic battle, call the number below so I can inform your next enemy.

Nick’s Cell 414-702-8894….Please text me following every match to report your match results….just need to know who won over whom…don’t need the scores, Duke.

If you see an open court at The Cedar Club or any other venue, please do not commandeer the court.    I have all matches scheduled at relative, specific times for the entire day, so, that open court you see is usually not an “open” court.  You dig?  However,  I may be able to accommodate your immediate need to play by utilizing another venue…just ask.

Please don’t contact me and say anything resembling, “I can’t play” from this point forward.  If something suddenly came up, get a sub!

SMACK! Food:  Lunch is from 11:30am-2pm and dinner will be provided around 5:30pm.  All meals are meant for the people participating in the event.  However, if any of your fans would like to join us at The Cedar club to watch the event and enjoy some beverages, they are more than welcome.

SMACK! Prizes:  Thank you to Scott Schroeder for donating all the bracket, winner prizes this year. He is a good man.

Thank you to all of those people who have helped me make SMACK! happen.  I mean it.  A special thank you to Aaron Gardner for being a total stud and his willingness to help with anything I needed to pull this event off.   Thank you also to Matt Demet for securing the courts at The University Club and Scott “Luie” Schroeder for reserving the courts at MKE CC.

See you all on Saturday and thank you for participating in the best paddle event being held on Saturday February 11th, 2023.

— Nick