The email you have all been waiting for is finally in your inbox.  SMACK! 2023 is upon us.  We have a number of teams already signed up for the event and I would like to round out the field over the next week, so please select your partner and zip me an email or text with you team.  This is an A/B player event!  Plenty of A players remain available or you can sign up as two B players if you wish.  Details below:

Date                      February 11th (Super Bowl Saturday)

Time                      Matches will begin at 8:30am…finals take the court around 5pm (guaranteed 3 matches)

Location               The Tournament is headquartered at The Cedar Club and other participating venues (MCC, Town Club and University Club)

Cost                       $100 per Player

Food                      2 meals will be served at The Cedar Club (lunch/Dinner)

Payment              Apple Pay/cash/check…you can pay me ahead or on the day of the event…my cell is below if you would like to pay in advance.     

The Field              The tournament is limited to 24 teams…May be expanded to 28 max….helps keep the event running on time in accordance with court availability.

You are welcome to forward this email to anyone you know from other clubs, players for other cities etc.  Feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions.  Thank you for your consideration in playing and I look forward to seeing everyone! 

Important Note:  If you have already submitted you team, you are already in, however, I need your shirt, vest and jacket size.  Quick text will do. 

Thank you- Nick