Been out of touch and quiet on the chat boards.  Congrats to the OG’s on 20 years.  The article was fun to work on with a handful of guys to recognize their efforts and the club itself. Having traveled to a few tournaments, you’d be surprised how many “know” of the club, it’s the stuff of urban legend. 

Here is where the video got posted, check it out and comment away, appropriately.

Thursday should be a nice way to cap off the 20th year, and to help commemorate the right way we have a few special guests lined up. 

  1. None other than Mr. Bayliss himself is back in town and will be in attendance. Let me be the first to say that pickle in The Villages has only improved his net game. Beware.
  1. Mr. Johnson will be making his return to the club for the first time in months. He’s been rehabbing a pulled muscle and a bruised ego after losing to ‘old fuks’ with me in Chicago. He’s angry, so again, beware.
  1. Cyber Steve. We’ve never met him, but he’ll be snooping around our windows 2 computer looking for your debit card Pin #. (yet again, beware)  Someone leave that thing on the pizza stove already. 
  2. My neighbor and the video editor Justin Olson. He deserves a thank you for dropping everything to edit our video last minute during a packer game. He’s a 4.0 tennis guy and joining for the second half. Say hello and someone needs to figure out a good starting rank for him. 
  3. Billy Bertha, also joining for the second half and seeking an appropriate starting ranking. I am afraid to inform you all he will be in the Bayliss/MJ/Lied/Mamalat category of racket skills. Congrats to everyone for moving down another ranking spot. 

In addition to guests, you’ll for sure hear “it tastes like Christmas!” whether you want it to or not. Be thankful we have members like this, and maybe bring your moms eggnog recipe or whatever to share as well. If you’re lucky Jost will be making his fabulous old fashioned for everyone.

If you have any other second half guys get ‘em out to get ranked so they can enjoy their short season. We don’t want bertha playing with the likes of larry kane, god rest his soul, or visa versa, not good for anyone.

Kid four comes Wednesday. Pray and have a drink for me. See y’all in ‘24 (sic). 


Dave Brock

Just another typical Saturday morning match this past weekend with the return of former no.1 TCC Andrew Bayliss (from Florida), current no.2 David Brock, no.3 Mike Aiken and former no.3 Mike Deam. Not a bad match to watch.