The year end rankings are out for 2022!

Most of the Top 10 looks just like you’d expect it to look…

1. Michael Johnson
2. David Brock
3. Mike Aiken
4. Drew Lied
5. Eric Arvold
6. Dan Mamalat
7. Brett Smith
8. Erik Zipp
9. Bob Larsen
10. Ben Haddorff

After that, it starts to become a free-for-all.  You’ll notice the yellow column which has a power rating on of how far you’ve moved from the start of 2022.  A year’s worth of paddle has primarily added spots to your ranking (a plus result) vs. those that either stayed the same (-0) or dropped their ranking (a negative number) by their superior play.

Why did so many add spots to their ranking?
Primarily because we continue to add more members than we lose during the year. You’ll see 10 new players (many of whom are not exactly new to TCC, but for whatever reason, did not play last year). Depending upon your ranking at the start of 2022, and the placement of these new players, you can count how many (in green) were placed in front of your “normal” position. Add five new guys above you, and your +5 rating doesn’t look so bad.  The higher your ranking, the more guys you had add to your ranking spot without you even playing a match.

Four new Top 20 players, six Back 40 players!

Here’s how to really figure out where your game is at:
Forget your ranking number… and count the number of NEW players ahead of you. Subtract that number from your +/- Ranking.
That’s really how you’re doing so far.

Example:   Your ranking in the yellow column is at +4, but four NEW guys came in ahead of you. Subtract the 4 from your +4 score and you get Zero… you’re exactly in the same place as you were last year. Get used to your new ranking.

Get it?

The +/- Ranking
-6 to -10 rank = totally awesome
We’re all very impressed… your hard work has truly paid dividends!
-1 to -5 rank = excellent
You’ve worked on your game and are determined to reach your true potential, despite the odds!
-0 rank = nicely done

You held your own and kept claim to your rank for a full year! Consider yourself Mr. (Whatever your ranking is)… It suits you.
+1 to +2 rank = you’re fine, really
You’re about as good as you were last year (with a few hiccups).  Keep doing what you’re doing… and just focus on being a better partner.
+3 to +5 rank = your game needs work
You already know that you’re not living up to your potential. Get back to basics and stop doing the dumb stuff.  Get some wins and you’re lot will improve.
+6 to +10 rank = what the @#%! is going on?
You clearly are not the man you were last year. Take some Nugenix, dust yourself off and start playing a smarter brand of paddle.  Get your serves in. Lob more, let it come off the screen. Did you know that the court you want to hit it into is painted blue? And lastly, that big shot you’re about to hit… everyone can handle it — SO JUST STOP IT!

Most improved players:

(-9)  Andy Peterson, currently ranked #51, Andy dropped 3 spots in 2022, with 6 guys placed in front of him — that’s like moving up 9 spots on the ladder! Wow!
(-8) Pat Laughlin, ranked #20 has moved up 5 places with three new guys ahead of him! What’s your secret?
(-8) Phil Mc Pherson & Mike Feiertag, #62 & #68 — both have put in a lot of work into their game and it shows! Note to others — show up for Open Paddle on Saturdays.

Guys who need your love and support:

(+6) Andy Knoernschild
(+5) Ben Haddorff and Chris Hale


What will your 2023 look like???