A reminder for the seasoned member and a note to the new ones, Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is always a big night at the club.

Additionally this year, Jenks will be recording a video for an upcoming spotlight on the club that the APTA is doing and it would be nice to have a good group for that.

If I don’t see you there, Happy Thanksgiving!

— Dave Brock

I think I need to chime in here.  Whem Mr. Brock says this is a big night for the club, that is actually an understatement.  This is (outisde of the tournaments) the most commraderie we display and a very important night for the club.  While I have spent my entire life celebrating Thanksgiving at home, I am off to Cabo, where there are good golf courses and 80 degree weather.  Those of you thinking you are going to take money from my nephew and brother will have to take those funds off of Brock, which we all know is much more satisfying.

I am certain, Chris Hale will come with a turkey, and others will bring appropriate substinance, so you don’t have to rely upon the one Jack’s pizza.

The beauty of the Cedar Club is that lights do not automatically turn off at 10 PM.  Typically on Wednesday there is paddle going until 2 AM.   Come whenever.  This is something that you don’t want to miss….there is no excuse not to come.   I have been there to 4 AM as E-Mac almost torched the place with a pizza, yet still was able to complete the Turkey Trot the next day.

Have a great holiday… See ya in December

— Dan Einhorn