Dear people,

Upon setting foot up in da club this week to kick off the festivities, you’ll see 3 handles of Tito’s, and one Seagrams 7, plenty of mixers and ice and some pretzels on the bar.

This is not just the luckiest day of your lives…this is the Vodka Alliance and week #1/Star Member- Kurt Doman’s contribution.

If you too would like to drink like a civilized person throughout the 2022 season, please send me an email and a few words about how you won’t miss your week and that if I tell you to bring 3 handles there won’t be any bitching about doing what needs to be done.

If you make it past the membership committee, you’ll be assigned one week during the season to do this:

…and then enjoy your fellow Alliance Members contributions for the other 23 weeks of the season.

Please submit your application no later than Friday this week for consideration.

Be Blessed,

— The Vodka Alliance Board