Oh, the pressure!

Hold on to your rankings, fellas, your spot is in jeopardy…

Dear Paddle people

For those that don’t know me, I am the self appointed, ad-hoc social chair for the club 🙂

This year, we have formed a committee to evaluate the ranking system, to make sure you are in the proper spot to begin the year.

This Wednesday, we will be playing paddle from 6:30-10 to evaluate all new players, as well as those that look at the rankings below and feel you are not in the right spot.

I will be setting up matches to properly evaluate.   I have formed a committee with members spread throughout the ladder, and we will be going through the rankings at the end of the night, and submitting them to our scheduler/tech guru Brad S.

Please respond to me when you are able to make it out on Wednesday night.   Reply ALL is not necessary, you can just message me directly

In the bonds


(414) 303-4897

Current rankings — subject to change