Three key dates set…

Hey Cedar Clubbers

As we move forward towards Paddle season, I wanted to give everyone an update on a few things.  While I have had brief conversations with the board, all BOARD members are welcome to correct anything below with accurate information, clarification, etc….

First, we will be having regularly scheduled paddle matches through the end of the month.   Some of you “non-summer” paddle players have asked about court availability.  This week, summer paddle is on Tuesday and Thursday, so the courts are open on Wednesday night.  If any of you want me to throw you on the schedule, let me know and I can probably make that happen.  Also, if you have a prospective new member that wants to check out the club, feel free to send him up…

Second, we will have the Summer Club championship the last weekend of the September.

Third, there will be a couple weeks of open paddle  in early October, and then I am told, league will start in mid-October

Fourth, the CEDAR CLUB Golf outing will be on Friday, October 21.  It will be at Hidden Glen… There will be a game associated with it.  This is for ALL cedar clubbers.  Let me know if you want in.

Fifth, we are looking to form a committee for pre-season rankings.  Ideally there would be one member between 1-20, one between 20-40, 40-60 and 60 on up.  This way we can slot those players who are vastly over ranked or even under-ranked.  If you want on that committee, the Board will set a meeting up to discuss.

Finally, let’s start open paddle again.   Saturday’s starting at 10

Questions, comments, gripes

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Ad-hoc Social Chair


Please be sure to schedule the courts accordingly as we get closer to others wanting to play. They should bet able to look at the calendar and schedule when they like.

The league will start on the week of October 10th or 17th.


—The Board