Summer Paddle Tournament

78 sunny and little wind, on a paddle court at the Cedar Club from 5pm til 10pm (or thereabouts)…

Could there be anywhere else you’d want to be?

For the 24 guys who signed up for the TCC Summer Paddle Tourney, the answeer was clear.  Even for the guys who had to play on court 2 at 5 o’clock.  Let me tell you personally, that’s some of the toughest sunshine you’ll ever have to face.

Dan Einhonr set up the tournament as a two team tournament, but few had any idea once they got past the handicapping format.  Paddle is paddle and fun for everyone from higher to lower ranked players.  Everyone got paired in unusual ways, played a 10 game pro-set match and walked off the court a winner!

If there were trophies to hand out, everyone would have received one.  Since there weren’t, the solo cup chaser had to do.

Perfect weather (OK, a little too much sun) and plenty of hecking make for perfect paddle at the Cedar Club.

Two awesome clips from a fiece match featureing Jason Weir/Mike Feiertag vs. Dan Einhorn/John Fleming. OK, this is a little less than championship paddle play.