OK… Here you go.

Attached is the schedule for tomorrow.  It has your court assignments and your teams.

This is a TEAM event.  Either you are on the A team or the B team.

We will start at 5 PM

Each match will be a 10 game pro set.
Each player has a handicap.  If you are a minus handicap, you start out minus that number of games.  If you are a plus, you start at a + number.  Add the two numbers together, and compare them to your opponents and you will start at that beginning score.  Plan on 45 minutes per match, so if you are not in the first match, show up ASAP so we can get as many matches in as possible. These guys get 2 serves, and start their service game at 30-0….
Pulito, Feiertag, Rater & Arcuri.

— Dan Einhorn