…for one week for “spreading disinformation”

HOT OFF THE PRESS — Tuesday started out like so many other Wisconsin Spring days… wet, rainy and miserable. Members were in an edgy mood, worried that their evening’s match would be caught on a wet court — what’s more, the Milwaukee Bucks game against the Celtics is tonight, as well.

A Summer schedule, set up by Summer Commissioner Dan Einhorn (and purportedly an investor in the Milwaukee Bucks), was sent out at 5:19pm on Monday night. Not a lot of time to make match adjustments for those scheduled on Tuesday night.

In short order, Matt Monroe, Ben Haddorff and John-Michael Fleming (not to be confused with Jan-Michael Vincent) all bailed from their matches Tuesday morning.  This exodus prompted Mike Farley (yes, the same guy writing this blog) to offer up a though provoking question, “Who’s the idiot who scheduled matches on a rain soaked night AND the Bucks game?”

He also revealed that Commissar Einhorn chose to schedule his own match for the week on the following night… a night with no conflicts, yet Farley, most interestingly was scheduled for two consecutive matches during the entirety of the Bucks playoff game. 

Coincidence?  Or the cruel hand of a despotic tyrant?

Even the temperate voices of  John Arcuri and Drew Lied couldn’t stand the injustice of it all and asked for a sub in support of Farley and his protest.

For Einhorn, a man accustomed to absolute fealty, this was the last straw and his vengeance was swift, dictating, “Farley – you are suspended for one week based on disinformation!”

To which Mark Mentzer couldn’t help but chime in, “Farley? The guy who actually brought Fleishman’s to the Vodka Alliance?  Good riddance!”

Farley was found crouched behind a computer in his secret office (on Hanover Avenue) with his two Golden Doodles for protection,  “I’m not going to let this suspension stop me from eradicating injustice at club… or playing next Wednesday night… let’s see the tyranny of Big Brother Dan stop me from that!”

Strong words met with a chilling reply by Herr Einhorn, “OK, maybe it is a partial totalitarian regime.” OBEY.