Sign up time starts now…

Hey boys,

Sorry for the delay…. I am finally over my loss in the CCC to Sugar Tits…WTF 🙂

I know some of you are new, and might be under the impression that Paddle is just between October and April…not the case.

Summer paddle will begin the week after next (April 26)

There are several advantages to summer paddle:

  • You can request matches
  • You will likely play more than one match a night if you want to
  • you can play multiple nights in a single week
  • You will play with players better than you
  • You will get better (See Matt Monroe)
  • There is a summer paddle championship (which I might add is awesome0
  • You don’t have to play every week
  • you will learn that a hard overhead is not proper paddle, and you will be punished accordingly
  • You can play golf and still have time to play a paddle match at 8:40 on a Thursday night.
  • you won’t be effected by the 38,000,000 luman lights the club installed
  • You are able to hang out by the fire with other members that you might not even know there names today, and some of them are cool.
  • Chris Crosse is ineligble to play
  • There even might be others from clubs that are not the Cedar Club that will participate, and I know this is crazy, but some of them are legitimate paddle players who don’t completely suck at life

The cost of summer paddle is $100.  That will cover balls, beer, the Putin energy hike in energy costs

So…. Who is IN?