Vuk-Pearson Win Championship

The Cedar Club’s very own Vukasin Teofanovic (better known as “Vuk”) or that guy-who-played- at-Marquette, paired up with a lanky fellow named Pearson — with incredible hands we might add — to win this year’s Smack! tournament.

“It’s the best tournament of the year,” said tournament organizer Nick Curran.  And he’s not wrong.  Great A/B matches throughout the day at four different locations, great food for lunch and dinner, and historically better swag than any other tournament.

This year’s Smack! memento was a snow white vest that many donned on one of the coldest days of this Winter season.  However, there were detractors, “Personally, I think they look like a box spring mattress, but, hey, that’s just me,” said one not-to-be-named former Smack! Champion.

This year’s tournament also saw the return of a lady to the line-up, when Rick Remitz (flying in from Montana) brought his wife, Michelle to partner with the Cedar Club’s Brad Brogan.  Just take a look at this action on the court vs. eventual Super Suck Champs, Jay Martone and Aaron Gardner.


“It was a blast playing today,” said Brogan with a smile, “maybe the best partner I’ve ever had… certainly the best looking.”

One of the most appreciated aspects of Smack! is that all players are guaranteed three matches with a Championship Bracket, as well as Reprieve, Quarter Reprieve, Consolation, and the famed Super Suck Bracket.

Speaking of Super Suck, Mike Farley, famed for his Consolation and Super Suck Championship wins, rode the coattails of Vuk’s former Marquette teammate and paddle newcomer, Dan Mamalat to win the Reprieve Championship.  Farley was all aglow after the title match, “I’m just so estatic in the win! Dan was awesome — and I mean awesome! Greatest championship title I’ve ever won — unless you count my Cedar Club Championship with Justin Holsen* or my Super Suck title with Steve Johnson… top three, at least.”

In other brackets, the Consolation Championship went to the team of Haller & Haller (not to be confused with the law firm of Habush & Habush); the often over-looked Quarter Reprieve Champs were Eric Arvold and Rick Remitz; while the coveted Super Suck Championship crown was won by none other than the aforementioned Jason Martone and Aaron Gardner.

If you don’t have a partner for next year’s Smack! tourney, you might already be under the gun. Said Curran, “I cap it at 28 teams.  I put everything I’ve got into this to give players a really great gig.”

Nick, it shows…. thank you!


(*also a graduate of Marquette University)

The Cedar Club Garage was a busy place all day as players and fans checked in with the King of Ceremonies, Nick Curran.  Pictured right > The best dressed team for the day was Will Hancock and Jim Halberg from Maple Bluff Country Club in Madison, Wisconsin who successfully acquired paddle groupies.  Nicely done, boys.

(Just click on the image to enlarge)

(below) Dan Einhorn gets a little more than he expected.

Not only did the Cedar Club get a workout, the Town Club had four courts of action throughout the day, as did the former Tripoli Club and the ever popular Scott Schroeder Compound.