(R to L) Curt Lundeen, Aaron Gardner and Dan Einhorn lead the way in this year’s annual showdown between Town Club and the Cedar Club.

The Brew City Charity Open is this Saturday at the Town Club.

Notes from Aaron Gardner…

Teams have not been picked yet and schedule not released yet.

There will be two teams. One team will be captained by Dan Einhorn and will be playing for the Make-a-Wish Wisconsin and the other team will be captained by me for The Charles Kubly Foundation.

Curt Lundeen is the treasurer and donations are accepted via cash or Venmo to Curt @curt-lundeen. A receipt will be provided for the donation as well.

— Gards

New brand identity for the tournament done pro bono by Mike Farley from JSH&P Brand Design.

This is has been a great event that has raised thousands of dollars for local charities over the years and caused it’s own controversy in deciding which club is better.  Getting guys to part with their money — easy — getting consensus on which club is actually better is much harder to come by.

The teams are picked by the captains from each club.  You can make your case to be on a team, but if you haven’t been contacted yet by either captain, the likelihood is that they already have someone in place… kind of like the NFL Draft.  If you’re not on their watchlist, you’re an undrafted free agent.

Well attended, good food, good yucks all for a good cause …or two.!