Middies win the day!

We’ve come to expect only the top dogs (with a lower ranked partner) win these tournaments… it’s happened so many times in the Fall and the Club Championship.  You’d have to go back to  2011 and Scot Meulmeier to be even close to a middies winner, but Ben Haddorff (no. 15) and “Frenchy” (no.53)  defeating the TCC President Dale Borowiak (no.38) and Steve Mandella (unranked) certainly qualifies as unconventional.

“Are you calling me a middie?” questioned Haddorff after the big win.  “I always pictured myself as one of the top dogs.”

“I’d like to say that this victory makes up for all of the French jokes I’ve heard over the years…” said a triumphant Bruneau, “its’ close, but not really.”  Vive la France!

As a matter-of-fact, only top seeded David Brock (and the combo of Tony Aiello and John Arcuri) made it to the semi-finals with seven top 10 players all bowing out early.

Players had to be prepared for anything on an only-in-Wisconsin-kind-of-day with snow flurries and wind gusts of 30mph in morning matches, then a beautiful sunny and breezy forties afternoon.

As usual, Master of Ceremonies Dan Einhorn threw a good party with food from “From Scratch” of Cedarburg scheduling matches between the Cedar Club, Tripoli and the Milwaukee Country Club.  There was drama, however, when the curse of “Playing with Brock” (defined as where the hell am I supposed to play when you’re running everything down on the court”) which lead to the twisting,  turning and eventual crashing of his partner Tony Aiello (aka Steven Spielberg) much to the chagrin of his hand and shoulder. Luckily, Dr. Patrick Jost was on the deck and on the scene to assist. Turns out, he had to get to the ER, but not after his malady could be captured on camera.

In the tournament that really counts, the Consolation Bracket, Jason Weir and Jerry Zavorka took out Jon Feldbruegge and Kurt Domain to get their names enshrined under the poker table.

Thanks to all who participated in the largest tournament ever held at the Cedar Club!

John Arcuri gets the last laugh with a beautiful volley off of a Michael Johnson smash drive.

Tony proves that he is alive and well… and that he could still compete with Brock on the court, despite his injuries.  Said Brock, “Tony brilliantly covered that spot in the deuce court — the chair totally made the difference.”