Mike Farley’s Open Paddle Action Cam

Dan Einhorn recently sent out a short email regarding “Open Paddle”….

“Just a reminder that the Cedar Club offers open paddle.  It takes place on Saturday’s between 10-12.  I hear it is fun.  See some of you tomorrow.”


1. Every Saturday from 10-12.  Open to any member (and their guest) to get better, learn the game, share it with others (to get them to become members).

2. Play with and against people you don’t normally play against. This is especially good for players who have a high ranking to test themselves against someone significantly better.

3. Be a big shot, and instruct the new guys… like you know what you’re doing. Seriously, if you are one of the “better” players, are you really good enough to carry a weaker player?  A-B tournaments make mice out of far too many men in this regard.

4. Everyone at the Club loves this game.  It’s a hoot and playing in matches “without the pressure” of league play could be just what you need to get better at this game.

5. Can women play on Saturdays?  Of course, but most don’t — there’s a lot of testosterone on the court — however, a woman’s touch might just be what the doctor ordered.

6. You may want to bring some shades.  Daytime often mean sunshine.  Come prepared or simply tough it out.

7. Know that some guys reserve courts before 10am.  Be respectful of their play — but feel free to heckle.


Want to know how to reserve a court?  Check out the bottom of the Men’s League page…