Hey Boys

Hope all is well, and I apologize for the long email, but I am efforting to improve the communication regarding tournaments at the club.  I have pared down the list serve for this email to only those on the ladder.  As much as I love to hear the funny quips of former members like Bobby Sheehy, I don’t think those former members want to get emails at 5:30 on a Wednesday that Lipski needs a sub, so let’s use this going forward.  I also attached the contact list with the current rankings, so when you are looking for a sub, you can easily pair that down to those within an appropriate range for your match.  That will minimize the Reply ALL emails that I know we all love.

For those of you new to the club, in addition to league play, the club organizes some tournaments throughout the year.  The board has nominated Bear and I to handle these throughout the year, and we appreciate the confidence in running a fun and smooth tourney..  The first one is the Fall Classic.  Feel free to check the wall for past winners (at least through 2019)

Consider this your “save the date” for the Fall Classic.  The tournament will take place on Saturday, December 11th.  I think it is important to give people more than 24 hours to decide to clear their whole day for an event.

The Fall Classic is an OPEN event which is classified as an A/B tournament.  That means that if you are on the top of the ladder you will play with someone on the bottom half.  It also means everyone on the ladder is encouraged/invited to play,.

It is OPEN to everyone on the ladder (not sure I said that earlier).  You do not have to find a partner, as there will be a draft on Thursday, December 9th where you will either draft of be drafted to form a team.  You will have the same partner throughout the day.  This is a terrific way for members to play with and against better players at the club.  That is how you get better at paddle.  It is a fun day, and I will certainly send more details as we approach the event.

I would love to get 48 members (24 teams) for this years tournament.  There are some members in the past who have declined to play in the tournament because they believe they can’t win.  Again, check the previous winners and you will see that anyone can win this tournament, and by the way 95% of those who enter, WILL NOT win… it is still an incredible day of paddle, camaraderie and heckling, so while you might not get your name on a plaque…..there are still other reasons to enter.

The tournament costs $70. This will include, balls, breakfast, lunch, late night pizza, and a gift….maybe even some adult beverages/cigars/massage tables/gambling/NCAA Football and basketball/limo rides, and whatever else we decide.

Let me know if you are IN / OUT / or need 4 weeks to convince your boss to get clearance for the day.

Also, while I have you, the club offers Open paddle from 10-12 on Saturdays.  This is another great way to play matches with members at the club who may not be close to your ranking.   If you look at the players who have significantly moved up the ladder, they have been regular participants in OPEN paddle.  Of course, as you may know, the club is booked tomorrow, so let’s get that going the following week.