Well, it’s that time of year again boys….the air is crisp and the anticipation is high for another year of the best darn paddle and tomfoolery you’re going to find anywhere.

This year, I thought we’d look at two unpopular opinions in the Board’s eyes:

1) The paddle is really <50% of the point of the whole thing…loosen up, have a drink and converse with your fellow members…your wife doesn’t even want you home after your match, you really think it’s coincidence that Costco just had the best deal on D cells she’s seen in months??

2) Life is too short to drink American light beer out of dirty tappers from the 1980’s under lights that could potentially keep a rotisserie chicken warm.

We have a solution to all your problems…the Vodka Alliance!

You tell me you want in, you are added to the schedule and you bring your vodka contribution once a year and you can enjoy all year long. 
Duke has graciously offered to kick off the season for us tonight…so when you see those bottles of Vodka sitting there this week, it’s not just the luckiest day of your life…it’s an Alliance!

You have until Friday to tell me you’re in!

— The Vodka Alliance