The pairings are set and we’re ready to go with the inaugural Cedar Club Golf Open Championship.  Here are the details:

The Date: this Friday, October 8th

When Should I be there: no later than 12:15. You can arrive any time to go to the range, putting green etc. I’ll be there by 11:45

Attire: Golf attire, no jeans. Shirts must be tucked in.

Weather: Forecast is low 70’s with a chance of rain/storms

Tournament Format: Two man stableford scoring. If you don’t know what that is, Google it.

Dinner, Drinks and Awards: We have a reservation for 8 at 5:30.

If you have any prizes you’d like to donate please bring them. And now, the teams. They were set using the traditional CC format of middle out based on handicap. WSGA handicaps used where available. Farley and Tewalt self-reported, so they could be sandbagging…


Team First Last HCP
1 Ryan Oakes 7.4
Travis Murphy 20.1
2 Eric Zoromski 8.3
Tom Lehmann 19.2
3 Nikklas Tewalt 12
Mike Farley 18
4 Daniel Einhorn 12.7
Joe Nelson 13.2


My cell is 262.389.0745 if you need to reach me for any reason.

Let’s go!

— ez